4 Oct 2011

Same difference #14

I just saw this cover for Twenty weeks on another blog and immediately remembered where I'd seen the back of that girl before so I thought I'd do a SD post for you!
I have to say I think it's really funny that in one cover she's holding a sword and the other she's holding the hand of a toddler, just total opposite sides of a coin lol
As for which I prefer, I'm unsure, there obviously both very different books, I like the autumn (fall) feel to Twenty weeks but I also like the darker side on the Try me cover.
So basically, I can't decide! lol

Which do you prefer?


  1. I'd have to say I prefer Try Me. It knida looks like she's bracing herself for something. Having a sword in her hand suits that. Toddler in hand not so much... However you are right the fall scene on the cover of Twenty Weeks is beautiful!!!

  2. I had to laugh when I saw these...sword and toddler swap lol. I'm not sure which I like better either...I love autumn, so I really like the Twenty Weeks cover - plus I love the font of the title and the little squiggly line underneath...but I like the other one too because she looks like a badass and it makes me curious what the book is about and why she's holding the sword.


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