19 Oct 2011

Wednesdays Worldly covers - #35 and UK vs US #2

Wednesdays worldly covers is a weekly feature of my own where each week I share a cover I've found from around the world.
 This weeks cover is a German cover for Indigo 01 - Im Sog des Meeres (Indigo 01 - In the wake of the sea) by Helen Dunmore.
Mist: I think the colours are a bit dark and drab on this cover but the artwork is great, I like that the mermaids tailfins are crossed but there's also a gap between them that's interesting.

Ninfa: I love the dark blue swirls on it and the font they used for the title. I'm not convinced about the actual mermaid figures as they look a little stiff. Looking at them it seems they should actually be touching each other which would have been nicer to see for me. All in all it makes me curious and it could be something I'd pick up in a shop to browse.

And this is the UK cover which is titled Ingo.
Mist: Now this one I love, that's why it's sitting on my shelf in my to-read pile. I love all the detail put into it, the fishes and the bubbles illustrate that the mermaid is in fast motion, almost like she's going to swim off the cover, I also really like the turquoise.

Ninfa: I really like this one,the mermaid figure is really pretty and I like the details of the underwater plants and the bubbles,it gives it a nice sense of movement,as if you could almost hear the mermaid splash into the sea. I'm intrigued by this cover and would probably buy the book,especially since I like the tag line on the cover as well.

UK vs US is a feature done by a number of blogs but I've no idea where it originated.
Each week I compare a UK and a US book cover of the same book.
UK                                                           US
Shadow Heir by Richelle Mead (Book four in the Dark Swan series)
Mist: The UK cover is easily my favourite of these two, the colours, the birds, the leaves and snowflakes, the pretty girl, I love it all! The US cover looks like a lot of other covers I've seen and I don't like that sickly pinky, orange colour.

Ninfa: This is a very difficult one as I love both covers! The US one is more "Urban Fantasy" isnpired and the only thing I can point out is that the model doesn't look like Eugenie at all!
So it's a UK win again,the cover is so pretty,and I love the details on it,the leaves intertwined around the face and the ravens. It's very Fantasy inspired and quite haunting. Much Love!

Which do you prefer?


  1. Defo the US cover of Richelle's book! So pretty!

  2. Defo the Uk cover of Richelle's book! So pretty!

  3. The UK cover for Shadow Heir is amazing makes me wants to read the book even more. The look is more current compared to the US version.


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