18 Oct 2011

Dark nights embrace review by Ninfa Sferlazzo-Hayes

"Dark Night's Embrace" (Paranormal Erotic Romance)
by Morwenna Drake

Vampire Hunters are back...and smoking hot.

Story: Violet thinks that she has left her dangerous life behind. Once the unresisting victim of a powerful vampire named Julian, it took a force of will and a complete change of identity to escape him. Now, in her little London bookshop, she feels safe – but not for long. Julian has finally tracked her down and he wants something only she can find for him – the Phoenix Book.
On the verge of being trapped into servitude again, Violet is saved by one of her customers, Alex. As he rushes her to safety, she discovers she is not the only one leading a double life. The unassuming Alex is a vampire hunter and has been chasing both Julian and the Phoenix Book, in which lies the secret to destroying Julian and his type forever.
Caught between two old adversaries, Violet must keep her wits about her and not give into temptation with either Alex or Julian, however much she might want to.
Dark Night's Embrace is only 66 pages long,but this little novella is packed with saucy scenes and some interesting twists.

Review: A homage to old school vampires (Think 70s cult movies with Boris Carloff and Christopher Lee),it takes us back to a time when vamps were most definitely the bad guys and not the tortured souls they became after their wonderful Anne Rice makeover. Still,this doesn't make them any less interesting or complex and I really loved Morwenna's take on Julian and Violet's toxic realtionship and how she explained her entrancement and obsession with him. I also liked Alex and his matter of fact attitude.
Violet,the unwillingly willing victim,also manages to retain some strengh which made the book less about the damsel in distress and more about a woman looking to regain con trol of her shattered life.
I enjoyed the book,it was an easy and fast read with well thought characters,something I would recommend if you enjoy swiitching your brain off for a little while and getting lost in dreams of strong and sexy vampire hunters  and scary and irresistable undead ;)
Definitely one for the Adults,with explicit sex scenes and some very mild violence.

If you'd like to find out more,why not head over to
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