2 Jan 2012

Guest post - Amandy Leigh Cowley

Must try harder.

I keep thinking I need an official writing process. I watched an interview with a famous British author once, and he said he wrote from 6-8am, then took a break, carried on from 10-12noon, took another break, wrote from 2-4pm, took another break, (can you see a pattern emerging), and then finally wrote from 6-8pm. I admire that.

My routine is more like this:- 6am – hit the snooze button maximum amount of times before it turns off. 7-8.30am - run around trying to find clean school jumpers, remind kids that cookies don’t count as breakfast and try to find exact change for school trip/play/party that has to handed in ‘today.’ 9am - exercise (proud of that!) 10-12am - try to write, but get distracted by emptying washing machine, unloading dishwasher, reading author blogs and twitter, chat on Kindleboards, Kindle Users Forum and Facebook. Around noonish – have lunch. After noonish – do admin work for hubbie’s business. 2-3.30pm – think about writing again – end up polishing first paragraph, but fail to make headway on any further sentences. 3.30pm – pick youngest up from school. 4-6pm – catch up with kids, help with homework, more housework, cook amazing *coughs* dinner. 7ish – clear up after dinner, catch up with hubbie, do any admin work/emails/pay invoices that he needs doing ‘now.’ 8.30pm – bring laptop into living room in order to write while I watch tv with hubbie. 9.00pm – get absorbed in TV drama, and endeavour to try harder tomorrow!

Soul protector
After being dragged on a night out to celebrate a friend's birthday, Gracie discovers a unique talent. Doubting her sanity, she keeps it to herself while she tries to make sense of it, but unaware of her visible aura, she gets abducted by Dan; a handsome monitor. Once he establishes Gracie didn't know what she was doing, he helps her to recover before introducing her to the world of the Soul Protector.
Finally understanding the rules of being a Soul Protector, Gracie finds the courage needed to embrace her special gift. But she is unaware a secret from the past is waiting to catch up with her; one that will shock her to the core.

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