10 Jan 2012

Where can you find me?

As you can see I do have some social buttons on my sidebar but I thought I would post some links to anywhere I have an online prescence where you can add or follow me, should you want to of course!
I'm happy to accept friend requests anywhere, as long as it's to be friends and talk books or anything else, not so you can just invite me to look at your blog/page/book or to enter your giveaway.

Personal profile - Subscribe to me or add me.
Bookaholics Book Club - That page that started it all.
Misty and Ninfa go Supernatural - Mine and Ninfas supernatural page that is currently being run by our own Jenny.
Down syndrome support - My page for support to anyone affected by Downs syndrome in their life or for people who suppost the cause.

@BookaholicsBkCl - I do have a personal profile but I never use it so better to follow me here.

MistBookaholicsBkCl - Where I upload my IMM videos and more. So far I've mostly been using YouTube as a host site for my videos but I am trying to get more into the YouTube community as I learn my way around.

Personal profile - Add me to your circles.
Bookaholics Book Club - You can now make pages on Google+ so I made one for the blog, come add it to your circles.

Personal profile - Come add me and lets compare and chat books :)

Kindle - It seems because I have a Kindle I have a Kindle profile where people can follow me, in fact I already have 10 followers! I don't know where they came from but I guess I best start posting stuff on there lol
Wishlist - And my ever growing wishlist if curious about which books I'm craving.

Bookaholics Book Club - If you like what I do come and give me some Klout :p

Bookaholics Book Club - Another profile I don't really use at the moment but if you want to add me you can, I may be on there in the future when I figure out what it's for lol

Bookaholics Book Club
Come and ask me any book related question you like!

Well I'm pretty sure that's it but I'm bound to have missed something out lol So if you want to come and add me or follow me or just nose around my personal profiles so you can get to know me better!

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