16 Jan 2012

New button

Hi guys!
You might notice I've been a busy bee today! i've made a new header, signatures and profile picture for Facebook, Twitter and everywhere else we are. I've also, finally, made a ratings thingum and I've now made a brand spanking new button!
If you already have my button your blog then a huge THANK YOU! but if you'd like to switch to the new one that would be awesome! but I think the old one will still work, if you don't have my button on your blog but would like to, then that's awesome to, here's the code Ta-da

Wow that's lots of awesomes, I might have to get out the awesomesauce!!

Also, I'd looooooove to hear what you think on all the new little bits I've added today.
I'm likely gonna be fiddling about with the layout and some new social buttons this week to, so stayed tuned!

The butterfly and the flower on the header and such are for Spring and will be interchangeable through the year as the seasons and holidays change :)


  1. i think i've got your old one ;)

  2. Hey Mist, I had your old blog button on my book blog, so I just changed it too your new button. It looks great on my blog.

    Natasha @ Paranormal Goddess Book Blog


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