28 Jan 2012

Interview - Nicolene Lorette design and a giveaway

Today we are chatting with the lovely Nicolene of Nicolene Lorette Design.

Nicolene is an artist and she works through photo manipulation creating amazing pictures, including book covers!

So, thank you Nicky for talking to us today, here's my first question:

How did your passion for photo manipulation begin?
-I discovered photo manipulation 3/4 years ago. I was amazed at how far I could stretch my imagination and then re-create it for everyone to see. There was no limit. Anything was possible. Soon I was creating design after design and started showcasing my images on Facebook, Deviant Art and Shadowness.
Where do you find inspiration for your art?
-I only design when I am inspired by the story line/ music/ movies or the image I have been given depending on my mood.
Do you have a favourite theme when creating your images? You seem to like the Supernatural and Fantasy (Faeries, Witches etc.) :)
-Nope, I don't have a specific theme I like, I do all kinds of things so long as it's interesting to me. I have been focused on Faeries and Witches but I like playing around withmy own ideas and making up things.
Who's your favourite artist of all time?
-I know this might seem lame to some people out there but my favourite artist would be God, everyone else just copies him. My other favourite artists would be: Nathalia Suellenlady as Lady Symphonia and Silviya Yordanova as Morteque and a few others...
You work on book covers amongst other things, how difficult is it to translate a story into a book cover? How much input do you get from the author/publisher?
-Well it all depends on the person that's trying to get their vision across. It's not so easy but I get a base-line and we tweak and work on it from there. I like it when the author/publisher/client can explain to me what they want and I can form an idea from there. Sometimes you need to come up with ideas for the client and they're not always pleased with the results but then you go back to the drawing board and you start again. I like doing book cover designs but I also do artwork and other designer things (O: I really enjoy what I do and that shows in my work... so I guess that's all that matters.
And last but not least, are you a Bookaholic?
-But of course :o)
You can find out more about Nicolene and her amazing artwork on:

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