5 Jan 2012

Same difference (20)

I love both of these covers so much, they're extremely pretty and it's interesting that the girl who's in both has a different colour dress. I also think it's interesting that in the cover for Unveiled she's the main character whereas in the Soul protector cover she's in the background, I think I prefer her in the first cover just because her dress is red lol

Which do you prefer?


  1. I have to say i like Unveiled by Trisha Wolfe best out the two that castle in the back ground with the red really does scream BUY ME

  2. Wow! Good eye to spot that one! At least they tried to make them look different. i like the red dress on the Soul Protector cover, but I like the Unveiled cover better overall.

  3. Isn't there another book called Fateful with that same dress too? Anyway I like Unveiled's cover best. :)

  4. It actually took me a little bit to realize what was similar about these. Like you, I like the first one better because of the red dress.


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